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We started Mystic Millennial with the intention to help you create your own magic & manifest all the growth, prosperity & abundance you have always dreamt off.


The fact that you are here reading this, means you are a seeker - a true Mystic! And you would know that starting a new journey may not be easy, it may even be scary! You may have many doubts & a lot of time is spent finding the right resources for your practice.  We know, we have been down that path. Hence we wanted it to be easy. Creating your own magic, for yourself shouldn't be this hard. Hence, Mystic Millennial aims to bring to you carefully sourced, high-vibe lifestyle goods & ritual tools that work - each month, all in a magical box! No hassle, only sheer magic. Whether you are well acquainted  with the magickal properties of the universe or are just starting out in your spiritual journey, we have something for everyone.


Let's make magic, Mystic!


Each month is a different box - with tools aiming to serve a variety of intentions & purpose, ranging from self care & crystals to oracle cards & candle magic. All you need to do is -

& join the high vibe tribe  

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